Artist Emerging

new car photo Dec2014Storm Griffin
Born September 29, 1948 (in Penang, Malaysia)
Currently live and work half the year in Brisbane, Australia and the other half (April-October) in Saint Antonin Noble Val, South West France in the Midi Pyrenees or now the Occitanie region.

I’m a late blooming artist, working primarily in acrylics, but sometimes inks. I often employ bold colours in an emotive semi abstract way and savour the textures, colours and forms of nature.

My Australian mentor is De Gillett, an inspiring professional artist of long standing who works in Queensland. You can see her work at http://www.degillett.com.au  and check out their business at ‘Arts Tree’ in Brisbane.

For inspiration, guidance and support in France I look to Alan Ansell, a contemporary landscape and figurative artist who currently works in and around Itzac, France. http://alanansell.blogspot.com

Other artists who have inspired a progression to more abstract work are Abramo Papp (Release your inner artist) and  Lizzie Connor (Texture and Abstraction) both teaching at the Brisbane Institute of Art.

It was a long held dream of mine to spend half the year in France – and it’s fantastic now I’m doing it. My home is also a B&B ‘La Porte Bleue’ run by Michael Docherty – great place to be and positioned well in the village. I do spend a fair bit of time nipping up and down 4 flights of stairs in this 600 year old stone building but when you can then relax in Place de la Halle with a glass of pink in two minutes flat, what’s not to love?

We have converted the downstairs space into a small gallery for local artists to use as a free exhibition or party space. There are a lot of really wonderful artists in St Antonin and the region, most of whom have their own studios but there are a few people who may like to avail themselves.

For friends and acquaintances visiting this wonderful Heritage Medieval village on a curve of the Aveyron river  then ‘mates rates’ apply in March-May and Sept-Nov. High season is June/July/August and usual rates will apply! Winter time Michael digs in and I flee to Australia to see family and grandchildren, and thus enjoy two summers.

Book / share the link below or add it to your website (leave off the www because sometimes the link goes bad!) Our address is 19 Rue Droite, St Antonin Noble Val, 82140 France.


View down canal to Rue Droite and the white cliffs of the Aveyron beyond.
View down canal to Rue Droite and the white cliffs of the Aveyron beyond. The caramel house with blue/grey shutters at the end is our house and B&B. The canal runs right under us and sometimes we see ducks swim in and pop out the other side.